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The best & top one supplier of the after markets in the world of automobile Engine, Transmission Mounts & Suspension Bushes for Japanese Cars

"LONGHO RUBBER INDUSTRY CO., LTD." is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Auto Rubber Parts and, too, is excellent quality control in Taiwan. Based on experience in this line for past 40 years, we still have confidence to serve our customers with the best quality, rock-bottom prices, and prompt delivery. Hence we have pleasure to introduce that we have specialized in our products: Engine Mountings, Suspension Bushes, Radiator Hoses, Stabilizer links & Bushes, Strut Mounts, CV & Steering Boots etc.

Main Product: 1. Engine & Transmission Mount: 2000 Items.
2. Suspension & Arm Bush: 2000 Items.
3. Radiator & Heater Hose: 1000 Items.
4.Stabilizer & Strut Bush, Kit: 1000 Items.
Quality: Very closed to original standard.
Price: Very competitive at market.
Factory area: 3000 M2
Warehouse area: 6000 M2


Engine Mounting, Transmission Mount, Spring Bush, Strut Mount, Steering Boot, CV Joint Boot, Hose, Suspension Parts, Control Arms (Suspension Arms), Ball Joints, Chassis Parts, Performance-turning Parts & Accessories, Racing/Sports Car Parts & Accessories, Rubber Parts, Rubber Tubes & Pipes, Mountings, Transmission System Parts, Transmission Components, Engine Fitting Parts, Steering System Parts, Boots, Stering Boot


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