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YUHUAN HETIAN AUTOMOBILE RUBBEER&PLASTIC INDUSTRAL CO.,LTD ZHE JIANG Located in Yuhuang County Zhejiang Province, the “hometown of auto and motorcycle fittings” of the country, Yuhuang Hetian is specialized in production of rubber shock absorption products and auto parts which are widely used by global auto OEMs in their products. Its main products include hydraulic suspension assembly of auto engine, rubber/metal shock absorb bushing, dust-proof and rubber molded/pressed articles.  With advanced equipment of rubber mixing and rubber injection-molding-vulcanizing line, metal surface treatment workshop and mould design and processing center, the products of the company sell well not only in domestic market but also in some foreign countries and regions such as Germany, England, France, Italy, Africa, America, South East Asia area, etc.


Rubber Shock Absorption Parts, Hydraulic, Suspension Mountings, Bushing, Engine Mountings, Chain Damper, Oil Pan Gasket, Protective Cover, Rubber Mount for Radiator, Buffer Block, Carburetor, Flange, Rubber Mount for Axle Frame, Transmission Mounting, Rubber Mount for Axle support and Engine Bracket, Bracket, Manual Gearbox, Frame Absorber Assembly, Exhaust Mounting, Stabilizer Mount, Exhaust Mount Assembly, Rubber Stop, Handing Mount, Mount Kit for Control Arm, Buffer for Shock Absorber, Insulator, Bellow, Suspension Strut Mount, Plane Bearing, Steering Boot, Frame, Support, Cylinder Cushion Seal Ring, Transmission Mount, Control Arm Mount, Connecting Rod


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