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CHING HAO MACHINE CO., Ltd. produces high-speed needle looms and jacquard needle looms for producing shoestrings, clothing, handbags, sports bags, decorative cloth edgings for zippers, and safety belts. The equipment has a maximum conveying speed of 1,400 rpm and is all mechanically controlled.
Its DS2/125 machine turns out two 125mm belts at one time, its DS8/30 model turns out eight 30mm belts together; and its CHJ4/55/56 model produces four 55mm or 56mm belts simultaneously.
According to company marketing manager Hsu Ching-chung, the company has no intention of developing computer-controlled jacquard needle looms because they still have defects to overcome. In addition, they are much more expensive than mechanically controlled models.
The Asian financial crisis has affected the company's sales, forcing price reductions in a bid to draw more orders. However, sales have only inched up. Last year, the company sold 200 looms. The firm's high-speed needle looms are priced between NT$120,000 (US$3,529 at NT$34:US$1) and NT$160,000 (US$4,706) and jacquard needle looms are priced at between NT$160,000 (US$4,706) and NT$200,000 (US$5,882).
In addition to Taiwan, mainland China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia are the company's major markets. Major overseas buyers are Taiwan-invested companies.


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