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Our company specializes in producing water jet weaving loom, with over 30 years' experience. We research and develop water jet looms to improve productivity and quality. In 1981, we started to produce PP/PE canvas and laminated fabric for making light & heavy-duty water jet looms. We obtain patent of Taiwan central standard bureau. In 1983 we establish, KIC-966 model for filament of water jet loom. High speed running and high quality fabrics have obtained good reputation in domestic and abroad market. We research and develop high quality, high efficiency machine are our company's operating target. You can trust "KIANG CHIE" product.

* TIR or TIC blended, polyester
* Polyester taffeta
* Nylon taffeta
* Polyester trouser cloth
* Polyester shirting
* Twill, check
* High twisting yarn
* Other filaments or woolly cloth

High Speed Operation
Highly rigid box frame construction containing the main driving parts in oil baths assures higher speed operation. Large capacity bearings are applied to all the shafts.

Our Machine Principle Advantages
* Suitable for polyester, Nylon Taffeta, Polyester pant Fabric, Filament, High Twisting yarn Fabric and others.
* Two-nozzle water jet weaving loom with dobby for the production of higher denier fabrics and Twill/Gingham made by high twisting yarn.
Minimum Floor Space
Compact design minimizes the floor space requirement, while providing optimum weaver accessibility. To raise weavability while compacting the loom's dimension, the distance between beating point
and let-off roll has been reduced.

Easy Maintenance
To increase the reliability of the electric components, integrated circuits are effectively employed. Any electrical mulfunction can be checked simply by the monitoring system with light emitting diodes.

Large Package
The warp beam flange is 800mm 900mm 1,000mm as option for (KIC-161, 163) The cloth wind-up diameter is up to 420mm/520mm. Continuous measuring and storage system, assures proper yarn tension and filling insertion under all conditions.

Continuous, positive and fully automatic let-off mechanism assures exceptional performance at high speed operation without any manual tension adjustments from full to empty warp beam. The let-off operates with a weighted tension adjusting device in combination with a stepless speed control.

Continuous indirect take-up system is driven from the main shaft through a timing belt and speed reduction device. Reverse prevention device on the cloth roller with a free wheeling action prevents wrinkless and assures a firm cloth roll. Coupled with one-step reversing motion the beating point backs off to prevent start marks. The beam feeler assures constant tension and wrinkle free weaving.

High-sensitive weft feeler designed to detect conductivity of weft yarn stops the loom immediately on weft break or short picks. The sensitivity of the weft feeler can be adjusted according to weaving conditions.

To increase the reliability of the electric components, integrated circuits are effectively used. A monitor terminal for computer control is applied.

Visual display option for KIC-161 and 163 type and indicator lamps indicate clearly the cause of a loom stop and serve greatly for easier operation.


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