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Established since 1974, Min-Shian Industrial Company has acquired a remarkable degree of success with over a decade of dedicated research and development.

We initially started specializing in smelting all grades of Aluminum Alloy Ingots serving almost 60% of the total domestic market. Through years of accumulated knowledge and experience from Aluminum casting, we have decided to expand our field toward the manufacture of light Aluminum wheels and other Aluminum casting products. In our production, we make it a point to strictly adhere to our quality control regulation in order to provide our clients with the comfort and reliability in driving. Various test are conducted in each stage of production to assure the quality of our products.

With the constant pursuit for technological advancement, our wheels were able to pass various international standard like SFI, JIS, VIA and TUV offering a wide range of wheels with excellent designs, sizes from 12 inches up to 24 inches. Furthermore, our entire operation has been certified by ISO9001, QS9000 and VIA which will prove our excellent quality has reached international standard. At present, our company has emerged as one of the leading manufacture of Aluminum casting products and light alloy wheels serving the industry circles in Taiwan as wheel as the rest of the world.

With a definite eye to the future, we feel duty bound to ceaselessly refine our products so as to create the most secure, comfortable and exquisite designs to the public.


Aluminum Alloy Wheels, Customized Die-Casting Product


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