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Established in 1965, we started our business producing electric appliances. To promote product quality, we have developed a variety of products and set up an effective quality-control system.
Our primary products are electric rice cookers, thermos flasks, milk bottle sterilizers, electric hotpots, the reflectors of downlights, pendantlights, recessed lighting products, and so on. We also provide OEM services.
Our production facilities include punch presses, automatic punch presses, movable punch presses, automatic spinning machines, hand-operated spinning machines, and assembly lines.

Mr. Wang-Yi Wang established Tong-Shin Aluminum Company at No.213 Chung-Ho St. Tainan in 1965. Rice cooker was the first product introduced. Based on employee's hard-working and creativity, the Company aggressively introduced various excellent products into the market with significant market share. For stable and better quality products, the company has asked CPC and a consulting company for long-term consultation. To enhance product quality and competitive edge, employees are well trained and the quality control systems are built. The company becomes a key player in this industry and steps forward to automation and internationalization ambitiously.


Electric Woks, Electric Rice Cookers, Milk Bottle Sterilizers, Thermos Flasks, Tea-Egg Cookers, Electric Hotpots, Lampshades, Lighting Fixtures, Down Lights, High-Angle Spotlights, Outdoor Lamps, Die-Castings, Electrical Appliances, Small Electrical Appliances, Custom Reflectors, Work Lights, Spot Lights, Track Lights, Linear Lights, Under-cabinet Light, Rice Cooker, Electric Steam Sterilizer, Milk Thermos, Herb Medicine Herb, Lighting Base, Sterilizer, Baby Bathtub


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