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(1) Coolking was established in 1995, under the guidance of Mr. Mike Lu who has over 22 years of experience in automotive air conditioning parts manufacturing and sales.

(2)In order to produce consistent high quality receiver driers, a full line of CNC machineries were purchased in 1997 and semi automatic production started.

(3)To further ensure customer satisfaction, we implemented the QS system and passed QS-9000 certification in 2003.

(4) As our manufacturing process matured and stabilized, we started to research and develop technologies to efficiently manufacture driers used for refrigeration. Our results had been fruitful and patents have been obtained in countries such as Germany, U.S.A, Taiwan, Japan, China etc. In the meantime, a strict manufacturing process was established to ensure that our quality matches international standard and ensure customer satisfactions.

(5)Facing price reduction competitions from China in 2004, CoolKing purchased automatic steel tube bender machineries to expand its existing product line and provide high quality and cost effective solution for our customers.

(6)Looking at the future, we will use the QS-9000 principles as driving force and continue to strive for excellence in the research and development as well as manufacturing process improvements.


Receiver Driers, Pressure Switches, Fittings, Air-conditioning Parts, Air-conditioning Systems, Aluminum Receivers, Receiver Dryer


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