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The Dream of 21 century
For prise machinery, it's a great dream that machine can speed up at most in the 21 century. So it the most important course how to overcome the temperature rising. You can trust us on our ability and let us display our specialty to solve the problem of temperature rising for you.
You don't never fell lone on the technological way
Engineering industry is called 3K industry that you will associate the noise and dirty oil. Which are dislike for human being. It's a locomotive industry but it's not valued all the time. If one country is lack of this industry, it looks like the orchid without root. The machinery industry is to one country what root is to orchid. We deeply believe the circulation of cause and result so we continuously develop the best and latest air cooler to offer best services to all machinery user. Let's go toward the era of precise machinery.
Wexten will accompany you To walk on the continuous progress way of technical .......
Temperature versus precision
Heat deformation of machine will be caused by temperature rising during it's processing procedure which results in lossing of the precision of work piece. Temperature and precision looks like two weights on the balance. There two weights will effect on the quality and influence each other. If your machine would like to go toward high speed spindle era, you have to overcome these problems.


Oil Cooler Series for Machine Tools, CNC Machine Cutting Solution Cooler, Heat-pipe Heat Exchangers (side-mount-type), Heat-pipe Heat Exchangers (top-mount-type), Air Conditioners, Water Cooler Series for Laser Cutting and Engraving Machines, Cooler Series for EDMs, Cooler Series for CNC Wire Cutting Units, Water Coolers, Heat Cooling Equipment for Welding Machines, Cooling Air Dryers, Hydraulic Radial Drilling Machines, High-Speed Heavy-Duty Shaping Machines, Hydraulic Copy Shaping Machines, Copy Shaping Machines


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