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Technology Leadership ! Insisting On Quality !

Established in 1992, Auger Enterprises Co., Ltd. is a highly reputed manufacturer for a wide variety of filling and packaging machinery. For over 11 years we have dedicated ourselves to technological expertise and through our efforts, our company has grown steadily. Today, the Auger Company has achieved full customer satisfaction both domestically and overseas.

Constantly pursuing technological innovations and developing new models to meet customer requirements have been the Auger Company’s philosophy since we were established. In order to continuously upgrade our technological capabilities, the Auger Company’s employs several qualified engineers. Based on their outstanding knowledge and extensive experience, they are dedicated to research, analysis and improvement for filling metering and packaging technology according to specific product characteristics. All this ensures that each machine from the Auger Company will be highly accurate, highly efficient and have maximum operational performance.


Auger-Type Scale & Filler, Auger-Type Filling Machine, Electronic Weighing & Filling Machine, Automatic Scale Weighing & Packing Machine, Auger-Type Metering, Filling & Packing Machine (Small Packages), Auger-Type Metering Machine, Auger-Type Automatic Bottle/Can Metering & Filling Machine, Medicine Bottle Filling Machine, Auger-Type Matering, Filling & Packing Machine (Big Packages)


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