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RE-PLAST EXTRUDER CORP., TAIWAN is a professional manufacturer of single-screw and twin-screw plastic pelletizing machinery(Since 1974). There are more than 70 units of various precise facilities for manufacture, included of CNC, polishing lathe, boring, milling, down to quality enhancing, nitriding, vacuum tempering and others. It is a factory with full comprehensive manufacturing processes.

RE-PLAST has more than 30 years experiences in Taiwan and worldwide for manufacture and marketing of plastic pelletizing machinery and conforms to the CE norms and UL certification.

The engineers and related employees are skillful in different fields with their professions, such as R&D, Marketing and Service, Parts Processing, Full Manufacturing and Assembly. It is marked with the real Taiwanese spirit and enthusiasm of continuing to go ahead in manufacture the innovative, highly efficient, durable, low costs and environmental friendliness machinery to meet the worldwide clientele


Plastic Pelletizing Machines, Single-Stage Extrusion Pelletizing Machines, Two-Stage Extrusion Pelletizing Machines, Mixers, Powerful Pelletizers, Powerful Crushers, Strainers, Water Tank & Sucking Motors, Plastic Pelletizing Machine, Single Screw Plastic Pelletizing Machine, Twin Screw Plastic Pelletizing Machine, Pelletizing Machine for Hard Plastic Recycling, Pelletizing Machine for Film Recycling, Plastic Mixer, Mix Dryer


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