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UNICORN COMPUTER CORP, the well known outstanding Industrial Computer (IPC) designer and manufacturer, was established in 1986 where the sophisticated and reliable Unicorn products are designed, made/assembled, and quality-checked under the exclusive supervision by Unicorn.

The wide array of Unicorn Industrial-grade long-life-cycle product featuring CPU ranges from Intel Core i, AMD Trinity/eKabini, VIA low power, Intel ATOM, to RISC (ARM/Cortex). The various product includes Mini-ITX / 5.25” SBC / 3.5” SBC motherboards, compact and fan-less barebones systems, fan-less Panel PCs, riser cards, LCD cables, and accessories which have been successfully applied into various fields like: Point of Sale systems, Medical systems, Vending machines, Home Automations, Security systems, Voting systems, Testing / Measure of Factory Automation, LAN Stations, Amusement / Gaming Devices, ATM / Banking systems, Information Kiosks, Digital Signage systems, and Traffic (Bus, Airport, or Train) Terminals.

We see many demanded configurations are not available from the general market due to the inadequacy in terms of technique or the pricing; therefore, in addition to the ready-made products, our experienced Research & Development team is capable and willing to fulfill clients’ specific requests by accepting ODM/OEM projects and tailor-making hardware/BIOS.

• Build sound and long-term customer relationships by surpassing expectations through not only versatile products but also prompt technical supports.
• Position our company as a key vendor in the industrial computer market with leading solutions that reduce customers’ time-to-market and provide them with a cost-effective source.
• Create solid alliances with customers, partners, suppliers and other industry members to enhance the world of computerization, and to bring people closer to the technology.

Building a Bright Future

UNICORN will continuously not only provide cutting edge technologies into the markets relevant to industrial’s/market’s demands but also devote to producing state-of-the-art solutions that aid users in achieving their goals. With excellent design and quality service, we believe that Unicorn is your best choice of long term and reliable business partner for PC-Based industrial products.


Mini-ITX Motherboard, SBC Motherboard, WD/LPX Moterboard, Wall Mount PC, Barebone Systems, Case, Riser Card


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