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Since the beginning of our company's establishment in 1986, we have more than 20 years experience of manufacturing plastic and metal molds in the automotive part field. With the 20 years experience, we start to develop the quality and reliable products and manufacture by ourselves.
Yungyuan Forward Co., Ltd is an international organization which offer the excellent service, best quality, on time delivery and competitive price. We are ready to provide the best service and develop the long term, successful partnerships with distributors in every market.


空调系统风扇, 车身电系零件, 开关, 线组, 饮料架, 其他内装配件, 塑胶零件, 模具, 压力阀, 温度感应器, 中控锁开关, 电动窗开关, 升降车窗, 警示灯开关, 中控台置物盒, 分电器盖, 硬币盒, 汽车零配件

公司名称: 涌元实业有限公司
地址: 248 新北市五股区中兴路一段179巷8号1楼
电话: 886-2-2988-3902
传真: 886-2-2988-3907
网址: www.yungyuan.com.tw