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DK Signal, headquartered in Taiwan, is a manufacturer and a world-wide supplier of Public Address speakers and professional loudspeakers. DK Signal has been synonymous with stable and reliable driver units for over 30 Years. Based on this major force, DK Signal have engineered, manufactured and marketed a comprehensive line of top quality products for communication, security equipment and warning systems for police and military enforcement, industrial and municipal facilities. Our specialized sound products include:

.High Power Speakers
.Paging Horn Speakers
.Reflex Horn Speakers
.Siren Speakers
.Loudspeaker for CCTV and warning system
.Ceiling speakers
.Public Address Speaker
.Driver units for loudspeaker
.Sound Colum Speakers
.Enforcement Speakers
.Amplifiers and speaker transformers
.Sound Projectors


扬声器, 警报器, 扬声喇叭, 扬声趋动元件, 扩音器, 呼叫扩音器, 变压式呼叫扩音器, 天花板架立式扩音器, 防火型天花板架立式扩音器, 球型天花板架立式扬声器, 高功率喇叭, 扬声器喇叭头, 警报喇叭, 塑胶喇叭, 安全系统器材, 无线讯号传输器, 数位影音监控卡, 安全警示系统

公司名称: 煜森科技有限公司