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GA Union Technology Co. is one of the invested companies of a leading Taiwanese public automotive group established in 1987.

The parent’s automotive group is a public company in Taiwan supplying its products to OE markets, such as Ford, Toyota, Honda, VW and Mitsubishi OE production lines.
As an affiliated company, we manufacture and supply timing drive systems (tensioner, pulley, timing chain kit), window regulators and suspension / steering parts to Aftermarket fields. All the parts are manufactured in our Taiwan production sites.

Starting from 2008, we were directly supplying our parts to markets by using GA Union Technology Co.

Our parts have been supplied to US, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, South America and Japan of monthly shipments along with positive recognition from our customers in these regions.

Besides manufacturing parts mentioned above, we also provide sourcing service for our customers in the fields of car accessories and parts. We have a full range of accessories and parts for BMW and Mercedes Benz with years' experience.

Our mission is to manufacture and supply products with safety, stability and superiority.
We appreciate your interest and inquiry to us in soon future.


时规惰轮, 控制臂, 三角架, 悬挂球接头, 悬挂系统零件, 时规组件, 曲轴, 油封, 链条, BMW & Mercedes Benz车身零件, 农耕机底盘件, 沙滩车底盘件, 堆高机底盘件, 方向机球头, 昇降机, 齿轮, 皮带张紧器, 油压枪, 堆高机, 农耕机, 沙滩车, 底盘件


生产模式: ODM 设计加工, OBM 自有品牌
公司名称: 宽联科技有限公司