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How can we make Combination Wrenches, Double Open-End Wrenches and Double Ring Offset Wrenches interesting?
We have thought about it for a long time and found that it is not an easy thing to do.
Sure, we could tell you that Shih Yeong Industry Corp was founded in 1978 in Taichung, Taiwan and that we specialize in Wrenches of all kinds, including specially tailored designs for our customers. But how special is that?
We could talk about the quality of our products and how satisfied our worldwide client base is with them, but you would probably say that every supplier says that.
We have even thought about mentioning that we have built our own brand, OULEE, since 1998, into a reputable one which promises to deliver above your expectations of quality and design. However, we didn’t want to bore you with that either.
Even the fact that we received ISO 9001 approval in 2000 and that all our wrenches conform to ANSI, DIN and JIS standards didn’t really sound exciting enough.
Of course, we did wonder whether we should do like everybody else and talk about our company’s focus on in -
novation by combining the skills of our designers with those of craftsmen, but you wouldn’t really believe us, would you?
In fact, we have given up on trying to make wrenches sound exciting and have decided that if anyone was going to convince you about our wrenches, it would be the wrench itself. So, no more words, give our product a try and we’ll do the talking later.


开口扳手, 棘轮扳手, 组合扳手, 冲击扳钳, 旋转扳手, 活动扳手, 气动套筒, 摩托车维修工具组

公司名称: 丰造工业股份有限公司