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In 1983, our President Mr. Tien Bou Wan had a great vision in automotive electronic industry. He had a strong belief that he could make some best products in this market. He established Vision Automobile Electronics Industrial Co., Ltd.
The goal of Vision is to devote all the time, efforts and resources to developing and manufacturing vehicle security and safety devices. With more than 17-year experience and achievement, VAE has won the remarkable recognition and approval from his customers.Vision has been playing a very crucial part in this industry.Its products include Daytime Running Light, Auto Lights On,Vehicle Reversing Sensor, GSM Alarm System, Two Way pager, Keypad Immobiliser, Power Window, Central Door Locking, Electronic Mirror, Power Trunk Release, Keyless Entry System, Immobilizer and etc.

Over the years, Vision has established a well-known brand; not only we supply to all leading automotive manufacturers such as FORD, HONDA, SUZUKI, TOYOTA, NISSAN and MAZDA, but also have set up an exclusive distribution agency all over the world for Vision products.
We firmly believe the potential for growth in the future and will continue to play a major player and one of important suppliers in this industry.


遥控器, 防盗系统, 警报系统, 汽车电子

公司名称: 经昌汽车电子工业股份有限公司
地址: 709 台南市安中路一段189巷92弄17号
电话: 886-6-3843-888
传真: 886-6-3843-889
网址: www.visionsecurity.com.tw