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MOUSE & KEYBOARD -  Harmony K80
MOUSE & KEYBOARD - Harmony K80

產品型號:Harmony K80 原產地:台灣


Product Name:Harmony K80
Product intro:
★ Slim design Fashion and grace
★ Slim line style design, simple and noble
★ Multi-media one key operation, convenient and simple
★ Chocolate button design, fashion and slim
★ Palace post style key core design, comfort touch feeling
★ Magnet attached design, individual feature
★ Bondidea top-end wireless E UNION technology/10 meters
★ Plug and play Intelligent connection no need code
★ Power saving/ continuous voyage capacity
★ Size:keyboard 370*130*21.5mm Mouse 101*62*31.8mm
★ Two colors: black, white

公司名稱: 深圳市邦的科技有限公司