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Wet Air Saw for Stone (7000rpm)
Wet Air Saw for Stone (7000rpm)

產品型號:GPW-227 原產地:台灣


Water Pneumatic Stone Saws, Air Wet Saw for Stone
Air Water Cutting Saw
Wet Air Cutting Saw for Granite, Marble, Quartz Stone, Engineered Stone
Hand-Held Wet Air Tile & Masonry Saw
Wet Air Stone Cutter, Wet Pneumatic Stone Cutter
Wet Air Circular Saw, Wet Pneumatic Circular Saw
Wet Air Stone Saws, Wet Pneumatic Stone Saws
Wet Air Tile Saw, Wet Pneumatic Tile Saw
Wet Air Masonry Saw, Wet Pneumatic Masonry Saw

•Guard Size : 4-3/8" (110 mm)
•Saw Blade Drill Dia. : 20 or 22 mm
•Max. Cutting Depth : 30 mm
•Max. Speed : 7,000 rpm
•Max. Horse Power : 0.63 HP (470W)
•Net Weight : 2.92 kgs
•Length : 330 mm
•Air Cons : 0.47 m3/min (16.6 cfm)
•Air Inlet : 1/4"
•Hose Size (I.D.) : 11 mm
•Sound Pressure : 85 dBA
•Vibration : < 2.5 m/sec2
•Air Pressure: 90 psi
•Packing: 4pcs/1.8cuft/G:15.5kgs
•* without Saw Blade *
•* without Air Hose / Water Hose *

•GPW-227 Wet Air Saw is designed to wet cut Granite, Marble, Quartz Stone, Engineered Stone with air, and is safer when used wet. The wet air stone cutter can accept blades 110 mm and can cut maximum of 35mm in depth for both 2cm and 3cm stones.
•Caution: It is possible that the bottom of base may cause minor scratches on the surface of granite. To prevent that from occurring, we recommend that the polished surface be covered with masking tape before using this product.

Wet Air Saw for Stone (7000rpm)
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