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Screw Refrigerant Compressors
Screw Refrigerant Compressors



1. High EER, Low Energy Consumption
The newly designed, asymmetrical rotor profile, which has five lobes ad six flutes in the male and female rotors respectively, results in a low pressure differential between flutes. This design provides high volumetric efficiency as well as low power consumption.
2. Low Noise Level, Low Vibration
Rotors are precisely milled and dynamically balanced. Supported by high precision bearings, the rotors run smoothly and with little vibration.
3. Precise Capacity Control System
The standard four-step capacity control system, as well as the optional linear capacity control system, provides operations under variable loading conditions with minimum power consumption.
4. Ease of Maintenance
The semi-hermetic design and the low number of components used significantly reduce the maintenance requirements. In addition, the semi-hermetic design needs no shaft seals, thus eliminating the chance of refrigerant leakage. The detachable motor construction makes quick servicing possible.
5. Wide Application Range
These compressors can be used in both air-cooled and water-cooled air-conditioning systems, thermal storage systems, heat pumps and other industrial applications.

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