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Joint Bearing Model of C
Joint Bearing Model of C


Reference standard: JB.5390-1991
Annotation: 1. The whorl can be fastenned for dextrorotation or the left. If is dextrorotation, the code name of bearing is SIL...C、SAL...C.
2. If D4=D5, then L5 for plane highly minimum.
3. Width of opposite side S: According to GB 3104 of the regulations.
Technological condition: 1. Bearing enclose hardness 58 - 64 HRC, it rotates and swing flexible, bearing has not become flexible by outer lane;
2. Pole transfer quality 20 - 24 HRC by end ;
3. End body pole and whorl surface have crack, corrosion and other to forge the defect.

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