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Prohimax Industries Co., Ltd. has been engaging in the manufacturing and trading of auto parts since 1980, specializing in the CV joint, drive shaft assembly, suspension parts, steering parts, transmission parts, brake parts, and engine parts for automotive, industry, agriculture and marine applications. All productions are ISO-9002, QS-9000 or TS16949 certified.

Prohimax is proud of its premium quality, competitive price and service to all satisfaction. In addition, the company also provides customized development and production services to clients, who have to just offer the samples or blueprints.

Dedicated to helping global customer source high quality, reasonable price and comprehensive range of auto parts from our strategic alliance partners in Taiwan and China, Prohimax is your first choice to cooperate with. Just send your enquiry to get the best deal now.


汽缸體, 汽缸頭, 汽缸套, 活塞, 活塞環, 活塞銷, 引擎汽門, 傳動軸, C.V. 接頭, 萬向接頭, 軛/法蘭, 後軸總成, 工業用活塞, 船用螺旋槳軸, 船用傳動系統零件

公司名稱: 軒鋒企業有限公司