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MACROSUPPLY COMPANY, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, prides itself on being a manufacturer of high power LED Beacons, Strobe Lights, and Back-Up Alarms. We elaborately design our products to maximize the safety of the often-hazardous industrial work-environment. Our goal is to provide all of our customers with the most innovative safety product range, of the highest quality. In addition, competitive pricing and speedy delivery, are priorities, we always commit to our customers.
Macrosupply Company is dedicated to provide you, our valued customer, with the most reliable, durable and cost-effective safety equipment for the forklift, electronic vehicle, and transport industries. Reviewing the feedback from the market, Macrosupply Company has enjoyed success in manufacturing high power LED Beacons, Strobe Lights, and Back-Up Alarms to meet the demand of an ever challenging market.


警示燈, 倒車喇叭, LED旋轉燈, 油壓尾門警示燈

公司名稱: 車健有限公司
地址: 502 彰化縣芬園鄉彰南路三段420巷25號
電話: 886-49-251-2966
傳真: 886-49-251-2969
網址: www.e-msco.com