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UNITEDTEK CORPORATION, incorporated in 1987, our focus has been on reproducing and developing quality products for automotive industries and OEM market. Today we continue this tradition to supply "quality products" to our customers with dedicated services and a positive attitude. As we consistently live up to highest customer satisfaction, our customers are able to gain the maximum profitability.

We can offer various products as follows:
1) Molded & Extruded Rubber
2) Metal Stamping
3) Zinc & Aluminum Alloy
4) Die Casting
5) Plastic Injection
6) Drop Forging
7) Machining
8) Bakelite
9) Foundry & Sand Casting


橡膠防塵套, 橡膠管, 引擎腳, 軸承, 客製化橡膠零件, 壓鑄, CNC車床零件, 翻砂零件, 塑膠製品, 鋁合金製品

公司名稱: 隆明實業有限公司