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Greenlawn Garden Products- a true leader of Garden Industry, is one of the pioneer in Garden products sector. With 35 years of experience in garden products, we are experienced and have handled numerous OEM, ODM, and patented projects. Our engineer department is known for our innovations and technical knowledge; our sales and logistic department has the ability to provide full marketing strategy and work together with customer to implement a full garden program. Greenlawn Garden Products is proudly well-known for the service and technology we provide. We are professionals with the knowledge of making tools right. We offer the best to our costumers in meeting their demands, we have the skills to create new and mesmerizing tools that stands out in the market. GardenServ, a Greenlawn Garden brand, specialize in developing new, unique, and ergonomic patented designed tools. We have our own In-house R&D team, with many patented products developed: Pruners, loppers and shears to nozzles, hose reels and different types of watering systems. With cooperation throughout Europe, America, Asia, we are confident in design, innovation, strategic planning and logistic controlling to fully meet customer demands! Greenlawn Garden Products and GardenServ, the pride we serve.


灑水器, 一般園藝工具, 花剪/草剪, 園藝用剪刀, 修枝鋸

公司名稱: 豐園實業股份有限公司