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Established in 1979 . at present have two factory speciallized in manufacturing precision tool holders & accessories for Lathe , Milling Machine and Machining Center. which are sold in countries worldwide . We have 120 kinds of products available in10,000 specifications , and have sufficient stocks . We have over 53 skillful workers and our inspection department is responsible for testing concentricity , surface rougtness, coaxiality and clamping capacity of our holding tools .Our Facilities included CNC Lathe , CNC Cylinderical Internal Grinding Machine , auto Hydraulic Internal Grinding Machine . auto Hydraulic Band Saw , Outer Diameter Grinding Machine , Horizontal and Vertical Milling Machine , Private Machine , and other supporting or auxiliary Machines. Having an outstanding R&D department , shin-yain provides new products every year and has obtained 10 patents from the ROC government.


檢測、量測設備及其另件, 頂針, 頂心, 彈性筒夾, 夾頭, 組合式刀具、工具櫃、車

公司名稱: 心源工業股份有限公司