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LED Aquarium Lamp
LED Aquarium Lamp

Model:7AL2SC-2 Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:PC, AL Color:White / Black

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Stylish Design
TPCI LED aquarium lighting provides standardized size for 2, 3 and 4 feet fish tanks. They are design in streamline with sense of reality. Units include mounting legs.
Long lifespan
Adopting quality power ensures long lifespan. It means it will be years before you will need to replace the unit.
Uniform lighting
Designed reflectors make sure the light goes into your tank and is not wasted.
Brings colors in your freshwater, marine or reef tank.
Energy Saving
LEDs eat less than 50% of the power of conventional fluorescent strips. To save some money on your electrical bill, switching over to LED aquarium light on your fish tank is a good option.

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