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Compression Latch
Compression Latch

Model:BZ-0320914 Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:Die-cast Zinc Color:Black

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Material : Die-cast Zinc
Finish : Black
Features : The grooved shaft and pawl are excellent match in four (4) positionling points.
They are a easiler way to instal. They are durable and strong.
The grooved shaft is 6mm to expand and contract.
The pawl moved forward and reversed vertically 6mm while the compression
latch is opened and closed.
Once opened, the pawl will be 6mm expanded to rotate smoothly.
Once closed, the pawl will be 6mm contracted to compress the panel and cabinet.
This compression latch has good waterproof and against vibration.
Apply : Max Door panel thickness:10mm

Compression Latch
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