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High Speed Panel Processing Machine
High Speed Panel Processing Machine

Model:DB-4 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Ceramic Processing, Cell Phone Panel Processing, DVD Panel, Touch Panel, Solar Panels, LENS sheets, and other special machines

Machine Features
I.MITSUBISHI M70 high-level control system
1.Three-axis, low-inertia, high-torque motor to do three-axis control, three-axis simultaneous engraving and milling.
2.Ultimate PLC human machine interface detect and display each warning message.
3.G05.1Q1 High-speed & high-precision function
II.60000RPM built-in high-speed spindle, high-rigidity, high-speed design, with efficiency and the best production
III.8 tools ATC, uses machine coordinate tool system to prevent tool error occurrence during tool change and chaos phenomenon
IV.To adopt a high rigidity of the casting body, three-axis rapid displacement of up to 20m/min, so that the machine cutting performance more stable
V.Hermetic separation of electrical heat cabinet, which can effectively isolate heat, grease, increase the stability and life of the machinec
VI.Rear flush design, which can effectively remove iron filings and easy to clean.
VII.Oil mist filtration system which can absorb and filter in the process of cutting oil mist generated in line with environmental protection and personal security.
VIII.Oil-water separation system, cutting fluid and orbital separation of the oil so that dry machining objects and cutting fluid from oil pollution, increase the service life of cutting fluid.
IX.Well-designed automatic lubrication systems with metal material pipe, so that each machine does not occur lubrication problem and lubrication pipe burst or aging issues, to ensure the accuracy of transmission parts
X.Automatic tool measurement system designed to do tool length correction, so that processing object to achieve the most accurate
XI.Generous Fully Enclosed Splash Guard at small footprint, suitable for mass processing quantities production.

Machine Specification
Model / Spec. DB - 4
Controller MITSUBISHI M70
System WinCE
Ethernet RS232 / RJ45
X.Y.Z Travel (mm) 420*400*200 mm
X.Y.Z Rapid Traverse 20000 mm/min
Spindle Nose to Table 60 - 260 mm
Spindle Speed 60000 rpm
Spindle Motor 1.3 kw
Spindle Taper 6 mm
Table Size 400*400 mm
Max. Loading 200 kgs
T-Slot M8*4*80 mm
Machine Size 1400*1450*1890 mm
Machine Weight 1500 kgs
Power 10 kv
Air 6 kgs/cm2

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