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4、5 Axis High-Speed Processing Machining Center
4、5 Axis High-Speed Processing Machining Center

Model:DB-7 5AX Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Application areas :
Dental Molds, Precision Ceramic, Quartz, Watches, Jewelry, Shoe Mold, Rotary Tool Mold, Roller Die, Fivea-xis Positioning Multi-Angle Processing, Wallpaper Toilet Paper Embossing Wheel, and other special machine

Machine Features
I.SIEMENS high-level control system
1.Five-axis low-inertia high-torque motor to do five-axis control
2.Ultimate PLC human machine interface detect and display each warning message
II.30000RPM built-in high-speed spindle, high-rigidity, high-speed design, with efficiency and the best production
III.Rigidity of 32C cast iron with weather proof development lead to stability and guaranty with no deformation for a long time, provide more stable processing and extend tool life and more efficient
IV.Rigidity of 32C cast iron with weather proof development lead to stability and guaranty with no deformation for a long time, provide more stable processing and extend tool life and more efficient
V.Adopt the Geneva drive design 16 Tool Disc Magazine, store variety of tools, and libraries over the tool blade to adopt long-range photoelectric detector detection, tool changing will not occur error as tool handle switch, leaving detection of failure, to ensure that Spindle ATC safety
VI.Each axis is allocated 5 precision bearings, backlash error tends to zero after pre-loading pre-tension hollow precision screw
VII.Japan NSK35mm wide-broad gauge gravity roller slide, with working precision of the ramp Lease assembly, so that processing is more stable
VIII.Each stack of surface contact is precision shovel to assemble accurately. (Shovel skill is non-temperature processing technology to correct the thermal deformation grinding lead to sophisticated assembly and eliminate machine resonance.)
IX.Hermetic separation of electrical heat cabinet, which can effectively isolate heat, grease, increase the stability machine life
X.Rear flush design, which can effectively remove iron filings and easy to clean
XI.Oil-water separation system, cutting fluid and orbital separation of the oil so that dry machining objects and cutting fluid from oil pollution, increase the service life of cutting fluid
XII.Well-designed automatic lubrication systems with metal material pipe, so that each machine does not occur lubrication problem and lubrication pipe burst or aging issues, to ensure the accuracy of transmission parts
XIII.Automatic tool measurement system integrated into the design goal post design, will not interfere with the workpiece, the supporting frames of an empty crate with vertical tool turret doors, to ensure that no residual debris order make tool-change more smoothly
XIV.Isolated fully Enclosed Splash Guard, ergonomic, and to ensure non-leakage cutting fluid and gas doesn't spill, keep the factory clean and in a high degree of personnel safety
XV.BALL BAR dynamic laser positioning and dynamic through the circle check make TECH PLUS machines head for international standards

Machine Specification
Model / Spec. DB-7 5AX
Controller SIEMENS
X.Y.Z Travel 750*650*520 mm
Spindle Nose to Table 440 - 940 mm
Spindle Speed 30000 rpm
Spindle Motor 11 kw
A-axis diameter of shaft rotation Ø200 、 Ø250
B-axis tilt angle ± 105°
A-axis rotation speed 100 rpm/min
B-axis rotation speed 50 rpm/min
Machine Size 2100*2380*3100 mm
Machine Weight 6600 kgs
Power 18 KV
Air 6 kgs/cm2

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