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Premium NVR For 64 channel Megapixel IP cameras
Premium NVR For 64 channel Megapixel IP cameras

Model:NVR-6060R Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:Rack-mount Color:Black

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

* Linux embedded – free from PC crash and virus attack
* Support 33 brands of IP cameras and 930 models
* Manage 100 servers, live view up to 400 channels, playback up to 100 channels simultaneously
* 250Mbps throughput for 64 channels megapixel camera recording
* Support panoramic view – stitch views
* Support panomorph PTZ (360°)
* Support multiple mobile client platforms - iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry
* Support multiple client OS platforms – Windows, Mac
* Spot-out for live viewing
* Stream profile for limited-bandwidth remote viewer
* Support joystick for easier camera controlling
* Dual gigabit Ethernet ports for separating system management and camera recording
* Up to 64 channels by adding IP license
* Web-based management
* Support megapixel camera and H.264 compression format
* Support E-map with device indicator
* Clear alarm status in E-map, event, I/O list
* Remote I/O solution and camera I/O integration
* Instant playback while live viewing
* RAID 0, 1, 5,10, prevention of data loss


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