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Servo/Auto Voltage Regulator
Servo/Auto Voltage Regulator

Model:CTAM1, CTAM3 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

- Tweleve Features -
1.Voltage Regulation: Input: ±15% Output: ±1%
2. Overload capability: able to tolerate at above 150% overload without causing voltage to go down extremely.
3. Reaction time: starts at 0.01 seconds, completing time only needs 0.1 second.
4. Output Efficiency: Above 95%
5. Module design: easy to change the components
6. H Class material: Heat-Resistant and further prolong the usage time.
7. LED Display
8. Hidden NFB & Hidden Cut-off Switch: Prevent man-made damage or machine suddenly being cut down
9. Three PCBs: Three phase separately control enable the output voltage going out steadily.
10. Overload capacity: allows over 150% of instantaneous overload for over 10 seconds; over 200% of instantaneous overload for over 2 seconds.
11. Main regulator components use aluminum material: Prevent loosen and good ventilation.
12. Carbon brush Disc: Carbon brush bars is replaced by carbon brush discs, which has even more stable slide to ensure quality of voltage regulation.

-Tweleve Functions -
2. 1. Instant electricity shutdown delay protection.
2. R. S. T phase-shortage protection.
3. Excess High voltage protective function and abnormal wave function.
4. Excess Low voltage protective function.
5. CPU monitoring function.
6. Output voltage can be adjusted as requirement in a range of ±10% to satisfy the application of various machinery.
7. Overload productive function.
8. Short circuit protective function.
9. Adopting low-voltage start and machine start self detection.
10. Power abnormality Indication.
11. With Bypass switch switching. After start the bypass switch, AVR still have protective function.
12. One year guarantee for the components

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