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Safety Vest (normal)
Safety Vest (normal)

Model:Safety Vest (normal) Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:100% polyester Color:RED / GREEN / YELLOW / ROYAL / BLACK / MUSTARD

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

The Reflective product now we introduce to you is quite different from other products which cud be found in the market.
The Reflective fabrics we offer with soft, nice touch and meets standards list as follows:

- Color Fastness to Washing: ISO105 C06 B2S-2010
- Color Fastness to Water: ISO105 E01:1994
- Color Fastness to Rubbering: ISO 105 X12:2001
- Color Fastness to Light: ISO 105 B02:2000/Amendment 2:2000-Xenon Arc Fading Lamp Test
- Water Vapour Transmission Rate of Clothes:ISO 2528-1995
- Air Permeablity of Textile Fabrics: ISO 9237-1995; Textest FX3300 Air Permeability Tester III
- Part of our colors meets Retroreflective performance test By ARTC: EN471 Level 2 and CNS 4345-1 TYPE 1

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