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plastic adjustable fixed handles
plastic adjustable fixed handles

Model:A100 Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:Nylon + fiberglass Color:body and button has black or orange

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

# Adjustable handle
# Of nylon and fiberglass featuring high rigidity, strength, heat resistance, and excellent flame retardation
# Ergonomic, comfortable grip
# Colors customizable
# Iron shaft
# Chrome-plated (RoHS approved)
# Handle body: Black / Orange
# Button color: Black / Orange

Our products are suitable for Lathe、Milling machine、Shaper、Grinder、Drilling machine、Saw machine、Wood working machine、Attacks the tooth machine、Any process of machines、Conveyor belt、Mechanical arm、Office chair chassis、movement equipment、Medical equipment、Computer ancillary equipment、Feed control machine、Dust Collector、Semiconductor or any instrument equipment、、、、、、etc.

plastic adjustable fixed handles
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