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Manual Motor Starter
Manual Motor Starter

Model:NMS / NMSB / NAS Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

NHD Manual Motor Starter features are:
1. padlock attachable for pretending the erro operation.
2. able to turn off the power directly.
3. small size.
4. adjustable current, it can be adjusted to the lowest current 0.63amp.
5. combining with the mechanical and magnetic trip, so the tripping can be fast.
6. when it’s short circuit, the bimetal will not be melted and cause tripping immediately.
7. addible the aux. contact block.
8. there is a special enclosure for NMS, and it’s IP56.
9. CE declaration according to TUV approval.

Product specification
1. Type: NMS(open), NMSB(close)
2. Currency capacity:
NMS 0.63 (0.4~0.63A)
NMS 1.0 (0.63~1.0A)
NMS 1.6 (1.0~1.6A)
NMS 2.5 (1.6~2.5A)
NMS 4.0 (2.5~4.0A)
NMS 6.3 (4.0~6.3A)
NMS 10.0 (6.3~10A)
NMS 15.0 (10~15A)
NMS 25.0 (15~25A)

In addition, auxiliary contact blocks can be used:
NAS-11: 1N/O, 1N/C 600V 10A
NAS-20: 2N/O 600V 10A
NAS-02: 2N/C 600V 10A
※ Able to mounted on 35mm DIN rail.

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