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Temperature / Humidity Transmitter
Temperature / Humidity Transmitter


Detail Specifications / Descriptions

TRH-300 series utilizes a thin-film polymer capacitor to sense relative humidity, and a thin-film RTD to accurately sense temperature.
TRH-301 Temperature transmitter/TRH-302 Humidity transmitter/TRH-303 Temp./humi. Transmitter Fast, stable and accurate/Watertight enclosure/Compact size, Easy mounting/Excellent Long-term stability/Wide input voltage range.(12Vdc~40Vdc)/Available with either Current or Voltage output/On-site, Two point calibration. (Zero and span)/Selectable output signal : 0~1V, 0~5 V, 0~10 V, 4~20mA

Company: TECPEL CO., LTD.

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