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Yummy Organic Rice Series
Yummy Organic Rice Series

Model:鴨咪有機越光白米/越光糙米/鴨咪有機益全香米/台稉九號糙米 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

The best organic rice full and elastic is grown manually following the ancient organic farming method. With the help of crossbred ducks to enrich the soil by killing worm and eating weed, as well as the natural field scenery protected by the mutual governance of creature and human, the rice is natural in quality and delicious in tasting. Moreover, there are unique varieties such as organic Koshihikari rice and Yi-Cuan special rice which are elegant, environment-protected, fashionable, and have won the affirmation of a number of international design masters. They are good choices for private use and gifting。

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