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Compatible/Re-manufactured Toner Cartridge
Compatible/Re-manufactured Toner Cartridge

Model:UT... Country of Origin:China

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

We supply compatible and re-manufactured toner cartridges for the main brands on the market. The processes are different because of different cartridge designs and consideration to costs / market strategy. For those who are hot with simpler designs to be injection-molded and produced, we supply compatible cartridges; on the other hand, re-manufactured ones for those who are not that popular on the market or are too complicated / expensive to produce. Compatible cartridges are assembled with brand-new cartridge bodies and accessories; re-manufactured ones with recycled bodies (cleaned already) and new accessories. Only small differences of price and process. That is why we sell products of two different types, and though there are two processes actually no big difference in performance.
Price always matters, therefore thinking not to use original toner cartridges is certianly helpful here. In fact more and more consumers choose to use these generic consumables, for that original cartridge is too expensive to accept. We understand you may doubt the quality, but the truth is that nowadays production technology of generic manufacturers does not pale in comparison to that of original brands. Honestly, there will be problem with original cartridge, too. And what makes them survive is the good
warranty / service, which is also our top concern. Even if there is problem, you can just get back to us as buying original cartridges.
We are ready here to take care of your demands.

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