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All-electric 50-450T
All-electric 50-450T

Model:FAE-130 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Foxnum all electric injection molding machine- Energy saving, high speed, high precision, high purity, low noise, your best choice for plastic injection solution.

All in one integration technology, customized services to meet the needs of customers---
The kernel technique for Foxnum all electric injection molding machine is the controller, servo drives and servo motors. Foxnum technology has spent so many years on developing this unique technology. Right now Foxnum technology can integrate different size’s motors in different tons of injection molding machine to meet customers’ various demands. Whole series of all electric injection molding machines are from 50 tons to 350 tons. (450 tons will be ready within end of 2013) Foxnum technology can offer high stability, high precision, high injection speed, and high injection pressure model to help users on all kinds of plastic injection productions.

Save 50%~70% electricity---
Foxnum all-electric injection molding machine adopts high-powered and high-efficiency servo motor. Because this machine is run by the servo motors, and servo motor only requires power when in operation. Traditional model of hydraulic injection molding machine has to run nonstop, 24 hrs, and 365 days. That’s why the all electric injection molding machine can save more energy than the traditional hydraulic one. This new-generation machine also does not need extra electricity for cooling water(hydraulic oil cooling), nor the consumption of hydraulic oil. All-electric injection molding machine can save 50%~70% than hydraulic injection molding machine.
Foxnum all-electric injection molding machine is a high speed machine, therefore the production capacity can be increased more than 20%. With such great performance on precision control and energy saving, Foxnum all-electric injection molding machine is your best helper on reducing production costs.


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