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TOF Depth Camera Module
TOF Depth Camera Module

Model:AO3014-0501-01 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

 Use high integration TI 80x60 TOF sensor.
 Integrated with 1M RGB sensor, can easy to create color effect.
 Build in dual ISP for both of TOF and RGB channel, image process is possible.
 Provide 3 USB independent USB 2.0 connector: TOF, RGB, Hub for TOF & RGB.
 Provide both of LED and VCSEL IR light source for difference application.
 Will design for noise reduction for enhance measurement accuracy.
 Precisely turning SOP, can quickly meet customer’s different application.
 Provide accurate TOF Phase, amplitude, 3D point cloud.
 Suitable for vary application:
- Location and Proximity
- 3D Scanning
- 3D Machine Vision
- Security and Surveillance
- Gesture Control
- Augmented and Virtual Reality

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