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High-Frequency Auto-Feed Welding & Hot Slicing Equipment
High-Frequency Auto-Feed Welding & Hot Slicing Equipment

Model:Model:CH-802F / CH-1002F / CH-1502F

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

High-Frequency Auto-Feed Welding & Hot Slicing Equipment

1. Top heating flat plate plus electric heating tube
2. Hot slicing equipment plus heating tube

High-frequency auto-feed plastic welding machine is designed for making precision products
Positioned via an indexing device, materials can be fed precisely
The innovative machine is strong, durable, safe, and easy to operate
Uniquely designed top heating flat plate enables the mold to be dismantled safely and easily
Spark suppressor responds fast and is highly stable, and will not burn the mold
Applicable for making photo albums, business-card-holder inside pages, file-holder inside pages, inflatable toys, IV bags, blood pouches, shopping bags, PVC bags, and tool bags

Specifications: Model CH-802F CH-1002F CH-1502F
H.F. Output Power 8kw 10kw 15kw
Oscillation Frequency 27.12 MHZ
Power Supply 3P AC220/380/415/440V, 50/60Hz
Input Power 16KVA 20KVA 30KVA
Oscillation Tube NL-5557
Rectifier Silicon Rectifier
Aic Suppressor 500 x 700mm 550 x 700mm 600 x800mm
Upper Plate 600 x800mm 800 x1000mm
Lower Plate 20~125 mm
Press Stroke 700mm 700Mmm, 800mm 800mm, 1000mm
Type of Operatione Pneumatic

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