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Model:32 System

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Wheel 62、75mm

Wheel Polyurethane、Thermoplastic rubber、Electric Conductive rubber、Rubber (2-1/2

Finish Zinc plated

Housing 1. Fixed, Swivel, Swivel with total lock brake mounted in front. 2. Connection: Threaded stem and Top plate. 3. Plastic pedal. 4. Sealed ball bearing for PU, PR and EC; nylon tube for PU, PR and RU; metallic tube for RU. 5. Plastic rim for PU & PR; PP rim for EC; plastic or metallic rim for RU. 6. Plastic threadguards for PU, PR; metallic threadguards for PU, PR, EC & RU.

Applicable fields Medical equipments, high-technology industrial apparatuses, small industrial equipments, computer equipments, cleaning machines, all kinds of display stands, commercial stands, furniture, hardware, carts, industrial kitchen

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Company: ENJOU CO., LTD.

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