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LCD T8 Tube. Durable, Green (CCFL)
LCD T8 Tube. Durable, Green (CCFL)

Model:ELT-12/ELT-24 Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:CCFL Color:2700K/4200K/6500K

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

* Energy-efficient: Save up to 85% power consumption than typical T8 fluorescent lighting.
* 2 ft tube consume 12W only, also could be dimmed to 6W.
* Compatible with Existing T8 fixture: T5 fluorescent lamps require users to replace the whole unit.
* Extra-bright: 1.3 times brighter than T5 tube.
* Extra-long life: More than 30,000hr lifespan. Longevity and efficiency are not compromised by frequent ON/OFF switching.
* Green, healthy illumination: Minimal mercury content and UV radiation, lead-free glass, and flicker-free design.

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