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Retaining Rings (External)
Retaining Rings (External) Hot

Model:Retaining Rings (External) Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:302、316、17-7、A286、Inconel X-750、ELGILOY Color:Depends on the raw materials and the surface process

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Tech spring manufacturing and offers high-quality spiral retaining rings all over the world.
Spiral Retaining Rings(internal and external, single turn, two turns or multiple turns ) are widely applied to pressure gauge, lock, Gear assembly, (belt)pulley, connector, valve , hose fitting……etc.
Our spiral retaining ring that there is no interference in assembly and inner ear diameter burr-free, you can manually and automatic quick installation and removal, generally die stamping Circlip have ears to interfere in assembly, internal diameter will produce burrs and difficult to install.

Retaining Rings (External)
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