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Model:CTL-618e Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

CTL-618e toolroom lathe with Digital Threading Control replaces traditional threading gearbox with microprocessor-controlled, servo-driven leadscrew. In the past, when a machinst is faced with a workpiece that calls for thread pitch not supported on a conventional lathe, he has to locate and order a custom gear set and take the time to swap out the gears in the gearbox. This is not economically justifiable unless the volume is large enough. CTL-618e toolroom lathe's design eliminates this time-consuming workaround. With the new digital threading system, the user's wishes with it comes to threading can be easily and immediately realized.

Simply type in the desired thread pitch on the numeric keypad on the touch screen LCD control panel and then start the threading cycle as on other conventional lathes. CTL-618e's system would control and synchronize main spindle rotation and Z-axis feed rate to produce precise threading cycle for the given TPI or mm thread pitch.

Besides being able to cut thread pitches not previously available on manual lathes, noise and vibration during threading are also significantly reduced, because there are actually no more gears in the gearbox.

Since CTL-618e already has custom IC and a LCD panel to enable threading control, the next logical step is to integrate DRO functions into it for an all-in-one versatile machine. And CTL-618e has in-fact done that. DRO capabilities are built-in and come standard with no extra charge. CTL-618e features linear scales on X and Z-axis from Mitutoyo.

For people experienced with the super high precision and immediacy of CYCLEMATIC's toolroom lathes, the CTL-618e adds another dimension of capabilities. It builds on the same foundation as 618EVS toolroom lathe. They are all ideal for super high precision lathe work on small parts (usually those that fit in 5C collets). The guaranteed circular accuracy is 50 millionth of an inch.

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