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Wave spring
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Model:Wave Springs Country of Origin:Taiwan Color:Depends on the raw material & surface process.

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

TS wave springs can be used in almost any application area. Savings of up to 60% during installation mean that new applications with real added value for your customers can be created.
Our wave springs are developed and manufactured in Taiwan to quality standards ISO 9001:2008 , ISO14001 are used in the automotive industry, the electro technical and machine building industry as well as the medical industry for static and slightly dynamic applications. Based on our self-developed machinery concept, professional development , design and spring calculation, The results are Quick, precise and reliable.

Our wave springs are widely applied to bearing pre-load, face seal, floating gear ,pressure relive valve , quick disconnect , sprinkler valve, low voltage connector, high speed pump, slip clutch, bayonet connect, motor, textile machinery, and car etc.

Wave spring
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