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FZR 150,SRV250, cylinder
FZR 150,SRV250, cylinder

Model:FZR-01055 Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:aluminum alloy Color: white

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

YAMAHA FZR 150/250 oversize ceramic cylinder,
Taida ceramic cylinder is durable than founding cylinder.
Its liner is not steel material but applied a coat made form ceramics by electroplate technology.

Adaptable type : oversize twin cylinder air cooling
Detailed Product include Description :
oversize twin cylinder
Gasket ( cylinder and cylinder head use)
Piston set : piston + piston ring+ pin + G ring

( FZR150 オーバーサイズシリンダー )
FZR150 Original cylinder :45*47 (150 cc)
FZR150-01055 55 mm ceramic cylinder+Original crank shaft=223 cc

( FZR250 オーバーサイズシリンダー )
SRV 250 cylinder = XV 250 cylinder = FZR 250 cylinder
Original cylinder :49*66 (248.8 cc)
SRV250-01055 55 mm ceramic cylinder ( 313.6 cc , sold out )
XV250-01055 55 mm ceramic cylinder ( 313.6 cc , sold out )

FZR 250 cylinder kit, sold out, not available anymore.
Boring service: You need to send used cylinder to us to do modifications.
1. FZR 250 boring service, pin and gasket set 49 x 66
(Offer piston on boring service. Gasket set is included gasket for cylinder and head)
Can’t boring on ceramic cylinder , Double cylinder

2. FZR 250 change valves and seal on head 49 x 66
Double cylinder

Boring service bore within 49.25 to 49.5 mm, then replace new pistons.
156 cc * 2 cylinders = 312 cc
1. Need to have a new sleeve liner for it.
2. Need to modify engine case.
3. Upgrade other parts, like crankshaft, clutch, gear, chain…etc. because too big torque might damage

FZR250-pis55 FZR 55 mm Piston set (2 pcs)(included piston, rings, pin and G-ring) With sleeve liner (2
pcs) I.D.: 52 mm O.D.: 57.5 mm Length: 110 mm Only provide material!
FZR250-pis55f FZR 55mm Piston set forged (2 pcs)(included piston, rings, pin and G-ring)
With sleeve liner (2 pcs) I.D.: 52 mm O.D.: 57.5 mm Length: 110 mm Only provide material!

XV250 cylinder boring
XV250 valve set
XV250 oil seal (for valve)
XV250 crankshaft
Especificación detallada

YAMAHA FZR 150/250 cilindro cerámico ( enorme )
El cilindro cerámico de Taida es más duradero que el fundido.
En el interior, el material no es de acero, pero se usa la cerámica para cubrir a través de la tecnología de electrochapeado.

Tipo adaptable : cilindro doble de refrigeración por aire ( enorme )
Descripción detallada :
cilindro doble (enorme)
juntas (para cilindro y culata)
set de pistón : pistón + anillo de pistón + pin + anillo de forma G

FZR150 cilindro original :45*47 (150 cc)
FZR150-01055 55 mm cilindro cerámico + cigüeñal original =223 cc

SRV250 cilindro = XV250 cilindro =FZR250 cilindro
Cilindro original :49*66 (248.8 cc)
SRV250-01055 55 mm cilindro cerámico ( 313.6 cc )
XV250-01055 55 mm cilindro cerámico ( 313.6 cc )

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