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Rodent Brain & Heart Matrices 0.5mm & 1mm
Rodent Brain & Heart Matrices 0.5mm & 1mm Hot

Model:CMX-MD-MM-XXX Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:Stainless Steel 304 Color:Original

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Made of high quality stainless steel, harder than zinc, aluminum, or acrylic, CHEMEX matrices will last longer withstanding repeated cleaning and autoclave sterilizing cycles. They can be cooled and used in experiments involving frozen tissue. The stainless steel material has no plating so its surface will not get ruined/chipped by the heat tension and it will not get chipped as a result of mechanical impact. The strong stainless steel material drives the cutting blade firmly providing the accuracy needed for your research.

Rodent Brain & Heart Matrices 0.5mm & 1mm
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