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5 in 1 Combination Pad Printer
5 in 1 Combination Pad Printer


Detail Specifications / Descriptions

1.The combination consists of 5 single unit of sealed ink-cup pad printer with a large index table and heating device by hot air(The temperature and volume)

2.Printing flow chat: Manual feeding the substrate on chain-driven conveyor to robot, then, the robot take the substrate onto index table after the substrate is being static-dust off, the 1st printing is proceed and dried up till the 5 color printing is finished. When the last 5 color substrate printing is finish, it will be taken onto conveyor oven by robot, and the perfect 5 color printing work is complete done at this moment.


* Machine Dimension (L x W x H) : 4,000 x 2,000 x 1,900 (mm)
* Net Weight : 750 Kg
* Printing speed : 1 Hr / 1,200 PCS
* Max Printing plate : 90 x 180 (mm)


* The Germany "Tampoprint" sealed ink-cup with advantages of ink solvent evaporation is minimized, stable printing effects, effects, easy advantages of ink solvent evaporation is minimized, stable PrintingEffects, easy clean and No smell is used on the Machines.
* Either single unit or combination operation can be selected and operated.
* For easy registration, the steel plate of each unit pad printer can be adjusted.
* The Mitsubishi PLC control is adopted for easy alternation and additional requirement to meet with actual needs during.

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