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FRENWAY PRODUCTS INC. is dedicated in "Wrenches, Hand tool kits, Hack saw frames, Keyhole saws/wallboard saws/drywall saws, Circular saws, non-powered, Band saws, Back saws, Folding saws, Coping saws, Coping saw frames with blade sets, Jig saws, Saw blades, Tungsten carbide-tipped saw blades, Hand saws, Cutting Tools / Accessories, Saws, Adjustable wrenches, Open-end wrenches, Swivel drive wrenches, Box (offset/oval/S-shape) wrenches, Ratchet box wrenches, Combination wrenches, Hex-key wrenches, Torque wrenches, Micrometer adjustable wrenches, Speed wrenches, Tire lever wrenches, Spoke wrenches, Cutting tools in general, Stainless steel fruit knives, Precision tool sets, Computer tool kits, Hand tools in general, Scissors in general, Tailors shears, Paper/office scissors, Wallpaper scissors, Kitchen scissors, Barbers scissors, Stainless steel scissors, Workshop shears, Household shears, Bow/hack saws & blades, Drilling Knives, Multi-wrenches, Carving knives, Utility knives, Putty knives, Tube benders, Tile cutters, Glass cutters, Pipe cutters, Steel cutters, Mini cutters, Bolt cutters, Tube cutters, Tin snips, Nail clippers, Bicycle repair tools, Wire/cable strippers, Crimping tools, Cable crimping tools, Coaxial cable crimpers/cutters, Cable/wire/wire rope cutters, Cable-tie tensioning tools, Antennas, Cable ties, Wire/cable clamps, Wire distribution devices, Lighting fixtures, Receptacles, Oil filter/oil filter chain wrenches, Electronic parts, Tacker hammers, Motorcycle tools sets, Vises, Drill press vises, Swivel base vises, Calipers, C-clamps, Locking C-clamps, Welding locking clamps, Sheet metal clamps, Gluing clamps, Toggle clamps, F-clamps, Commutators/adapters, Infinity socket wrenches, Chain clamps, Pipe wrenches, Micrometer torque wrenches, Gearless boxed wrenches, Standard combination wrenches, Gearless combination wrenches, Non-slip combination wrenches, Go-thru wrenches, Sockets, 4-way rim wrenches, L-bend socket wrenches, T-bend socket wrenches, Electronic repair kits, Sparkplug wrenches, Tape measures, Anti-slip impact sockets, Hammers/axes, Sledge hammers, Ball peen hammers, Claw hammers, Nail hammers, Rubber hammers (mallets), Plastic hammers, Joiner’s hammers, Bricklayer’s hammers, Hatchets, Hammers, Flare nut wrenches, Y-bend socket wrenches" with operations in Taiwan.


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