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HONITON is a manufacturer specialized on the SOCKETS & WRENCHES for more than 28 years.

With our years experience in this field, we are confident to present ourselves as a good partner for YOUR selection in developing business together.

Besides the supply of domestic requirement of sockets & wrenches, we are looking forwards to upward ourselves into the international market now. We also believe that: with our best and professional quality, we are capable to invite Your cooperation for International OEM and every sort of work in the same field.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or need further information. We are obliged to have the opportunity to serve you in the future and develop a long-term business relationship in supplying you with these excellent products.

Main products:
1. Full ranges of sockets and accessories. (1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” & 3/4”)
2. Impact sockets and accessories. (3/8” & 1/2”)
3. Honidriver multi-purpose sockets. (1/4”, 3/8” & 1/2”)
4. Honidriver multi-purpose wrenches.
5. Honidriver reversible gear wrenches.
Main Products/Service:Hand Tools, Hardware, Tools, Wrenches, Sockets, Air Tools


Hand Tools, Hardware, Tools, Wrenches, Sockets, Air Tools, Handtool

Address: No. 198, Deming Rd., Taiping Dist., Taichung City 411, Taiwan
Telephone: 886-4-2278-5199
Fax: 886-4-2278-8909
URL: www.honiton.com.tw

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